The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul. ~ Alfred Austin

Sunday, 28 August 2016

A cold weekend and new trees

Hello, what a cold and blustery weekend it is here. It's currently sitting on 9 degrees Celsius at lunch time. Too cold to be out in the garden so the following photos are ones I took a few days ago. This post isn't really much of anything but more just because I want to keep up the habit of posting regularly. Yesterday we received 15mm of rain which the garden enjoyed and a bit more for the rainwater tanks.

Last week we had a couple of very cold nights down to -2 and the frost has burnt all the green shoots on the mulberry tree.

The mandarins are nice, but the poor tree is under attack from sooty mould. I have been trying to get rid of it for quite some time now but don't seem to be having much success.

The Casuarina or she-oak trees indigenous to this area from a distance all look like they are dying.
It's only when you get up close, you realise what looks brown and dead from a distance is actually
the trees covered in pollen.

Close-up of the Casuarina pollen ............  ah-choo!
Obviously taken a few days ago when we had blue skies
nothing but grey skies this weekend.

Back at the very start of winter I planted three Silver Birch trees.
Looking forward to seeing them covered in their summer green leaves, then changing
into a soft buttery yellow in Autumn before becoming skeletons again in the winter with
their silvery white trunks.

I've never really been a big fan of succulents but a few of them are growing on me.
This one in particular 'Jellybean' is a cute little plant.

I don't know the name of this native plant, it was a cutting from Mum's garden
and it has tiny little white flowers in spring and summer.
It seems to like this spot quite well and does a good job of softening up the tin wall behind it.

Shorty my parents dog has gone home about an hour ago. Mum and Dad have arrived back home to the freezing cold after their holiday overseas in the heat and humidity. I was planning on cooking a roast dinner tonight for them thinking they would enjoy a home cooked meal after being away for a couple of weeks, but they have both come home with food poisoning. We will still have our roast tonight as it will be the first one in ages that eldest teen will be home to sit down at the table and eat with us, as she is generally working a double shift on a Sunday. Hopefully Mum and Dad will be over it soon enough and I will cook dinner for them and we can go through the photos of their latest trip. :)

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Early tomatoes and a different kind of blueberry

This photo was taken sometime in May. I had noticed these tomato seedlings about a week or so beforehand and kept thinking to myself I need to do something about them, or as the weather cools down heading into winter they won't survive. A couple of weeks later I got around to digging them up and putting them into pots and put them temporarily on the workbench in the shed until I cleaned the greenhouse out.

Well they stayed on the bench and grew and grew and grew! It has turned out to be a perfect spot for growing tomatoes over winter. My workbench sits underneath a window that faces north and these three tomato seedlings have lapped up any sunshine streaming through that window.

And now all three are in flower!! The last two weeks we have had a couple of reasonably nice days where the icy cold winds that have been blowing all winter have taken a momentary break and I have put the seedlings outside in the hope that the bees might find them. Only time will tell if we might be lucky enough to have some early tomatoes this year :)

'Blueberry Ruffles' 
The newest addition to the garden.
This is a short compact lavender, looking forward to seeing it fully in bloom.

Another new lavender 'The Princess'

These stocks have been in the garden for a few years now and are quite scraggy
and I'm always going to pull them out, but the bees absolutely adore them.

These two always tag along on drives, the little short one goes home in a few days
when my parents get home from their trip. They would hate to think they are missing out on anything!

I'm making a late start on sowing seeds for the spring/summer garden but am hoping that by putting the seed trays on the workbench next to the tomato seedlings, they too will soon be growing and growing. :)

Monday, 22 August 2016

The garden late winter

Late winter already, where has the time gone? I kept thinking I need to take some photos and put on the blog but they just never seemed to happen. For about the last month I have been trying every day to get things back on track. Life seemed to fall apart and nothing was getting done except  for the absolute basics. I've steadily been back out in the garden, but making sure I only do so much then come inside and do a bit and then go back outside for some more gardening. If I stay outside too long I end up in a lot of pain with my shoulders. I figured even small amounts daily is a lot better than no gardening at all which is what had been happening.

That also goes for inside the house I have been breaking things down into smaller jobs and at last I can see a bit of progress. I have this weeks' meals planned in advance which is something that hasn't happened for an extremely long time. I have also been de-cluttering and clearing things out and it feels good to be getting rid of some stuff.

Apricot blossom

The bees are loving the flowers on the almond tree

Lots of promise on the apricot tree

English spinach

Some of the greens in the veggie patch


Red lettuce

The flowers on the white hardenbergia are starting to fade but have brightened the back fence all winter

The purple hardenbergia is still going strong

Tulips which I haven't grown for a few years now, nice to have some again

Plum blossom, really looking forward to fresh plums straight off the tree

Both blueberry bushes are loaded with flowers, can't wait for fresh blueberries either!

Long anticipated flower bud on the kangaroo paw. Have lost count how many seedlings I have planted in the ground and none of them survived. The last lot I planted into a large pot and bingo I have a couple of buds now!!

What we are eating from the garden at the moment: 
  • Lettuce
  • English spinach
  • Kale
  • Snow Peas
  • Parsley
  • Mandarins
  • Washington Navel oranges
Not much at all but considering how neglected the garden has been its still nice to be able to pick something. I'm hoping we will have some broccoli to harvest in the not too distant future, but I think the cabbages and cauliflowers were planted way too late.

It's nice to be back but I can see my photo taking and blog writing need some improvement, I had better not leave it so long in-between posts again :)